Student Testimonials...

Here's a sample of testimonials about the MBA Math online course from fellow MBA applicants, admits, and enrolled students.

You can also read testimonials from student members of our MBA Board of Advisors.


  • "Two days after you submitted my transcripts, I was accepted off the MIT Sloan waitlist!"
  • "All in all this site is an excellent way to gear up for MBA classes, especially after a long academic break."
  • " has helped me grasp and absorb the material immensely."
  • "Overall, this is an extremely useful and robust tool. I highly recommend it."
  • "I am so much more confident that I'll be able to hit the ground running once classes begin."
  • "This has been by far the best tool of my summer preparation because of the feedback and the learn-at-your-own-pace environment."
  • "I wish I would have found it a bit earlier, school starts in less than a month."
  • "I find the tool extremely useful to catch up with old concepts from university time, and to learn new ones."


  • "The best thing about is that its lectures focus on only the basics."
  • "The lessons are simple, concise and interesting."
  • "The narrated lectures, examples and text tutorials helped refresh (and learn anew) the basic fundamentals."


  • " is a great building block because it boils down all the important basics."
  • "I found the material very clear and was able to work through it quickly."


  • "I find very important the opportunity of using the material online. In that way I can make the most out of it, accessing my personal site from everywhere and at everytime."


  • "The structure of the course is well done and allows to focus on my weaknesses through focused practice."
  • "The entire presentation of materials using formula summary, text tutorials, exercises, etc is quite helpful."
  • "I found this site very useful as I could run through a three-step process for each topic: listen to the lecture; do the sample exercises; and then do a quiz."
  • "I found the demonstrations of excel solutions very useful since I had never used Excel before."