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Support Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the FAQs below first. If that doesn't address your question then please send us an email describing your situation.

For technical support questions, send e-mail to
For subscription questions, send e-mail to

I have completed quizzes but I can't see quiz scores in the Status tab Quiz Summary table?
Students sometimes raise this question during their first few lessons because they don't click the 'Submit Entire Quiz' button. The quiz process is:
1. Solve an exercise
2. Enter a solution value
3. Click Submit
4. Click Next and repeat steps 1-3 for each exercise
5. Check the 'Display all exercises' box
6. Scroll down and review the submitted values to make sure you have the desired solutions for each exercise
7. When ready, click 'Submit Entire Quiz'. You will then see the scoring
8. Uncheck 'Display all exercises' and navigate to exercises of interest
9. Click 'Show Solution' to view solution details

Why can't I see my post-quiz score in the Quiz Scores chart?
The Quiz Scores chart overlaps the pre- and post-quiz scores with pre-quiz in front so that post-quiz scores only show to the extent that they exceed the pre-quiz scores. This chart layout emphasizes incremental improvement from pre-quiz to post-quiz. The Quiz Summary table shows all quiz scores.

I see an 'Access Denied' message for a lesson tab even though I am still able to access other parts of the site. What can I do to access the denied lesson?
This is unusual but with certain browsers permissions can time out for a single lesson page. Click logoff in the top right, which will return you to the home page. Close and restart your browser. Then go back to, log back in and you should have access to all lessons.

The Flash Player crashes when I access video with the Firefox browser. What can I do?
You might want to make sure that you're using the latest browser version (see next FAQ). If the problem persists then try disabling Flash protected mode. See here for details.

I'm using a computer that uses the Adobe Flash Player. How do I update to the latest version?
We're not doing anything fancy that requires the latest version but it's the quickest upgrade to try if you have Flash-related video issues. You can do so by right clicking anywhere in the main slide area of an MBA Math narrated lecture. Select the option "About Adobe Flash Player...", which will take you to a page on Adobe's site that lists your current version. There is also a link to a download center to get the latest version. Uncheck the Google Toolbar box unless you want that installed too. You can also go straight to Adobe's site to check your version and download the latest. Keep in mind that the Flash Player is not related to MBA Math.

When I enter the solution to an exercise I see the text "*Invalid Number" in red between the value box and the Submit button. What's with that?
The most common reasons for this are entering dollar signs or commas in your solution value. The number checker won't accept non-numerical characters (even though these two seem perfectly reasonable). Leave these out and you should be all set.

The answers I compute differ slightly in the rounding from those listed on the site? How are the site solutions computed?
A common frustration expressed by students is when they just miss the correct answer due to rounding of intermediate calculations. Unless explicitly directed to do so in the exercise statement, you should not do any intermediate rounding. Let Excel or your financial calculator maintain the full precision of your calculations. In Excel, you can do this by referring to cells that perform intermediate calculations. With a financial calculator, you can use the time value of money keys for finance problems and appropriate use of the memory for other problems. Excel is easier for most students.

Make sure that your solution tool displays the appropriate number of decimal places. When Excel (or a financial calculator) displays one place too many (e.g., for an exercise requesting hundredths), sometimes the underlying value (e.g., 0.2345) is rounded up by Excel (e.g., to 0.235) and then the student rounds up again by eye (e.g., to 0.24) when the correct rounding is different (e.g., 0.2345 rounds DOWN to 0.23).

The intermediate rounding in the manual solutions is generally for presentation purposes and will not necessarily yield the expected correct answer.

Why don't the exercise solution Excel tutorials show the same numerical inputs as the exercise I'm working on?
They cannot because the Excel tutorials are built in advance while the quiz and drill exercise inputs are generated dynamically and differ for each student. That means that a fixed Excel tutorial can only show the structure of the solution spreadsheet, not the numerical details. That's why the input cells are blank in most of the Excel tutorial screenshots. The tutorials do contain a green marker symbol that shows a numerical solution with illustrative inputs. Remember, though, that these illustrative inputs are NOT the inputs of your exercise. You can compare your spreadsheet formulas to the tutorial's formulas or, if you want to check your solution numerically, you can enter the illustrative inputs into your spreadsheet, troubleshoot until your spreadsheet generates the results shown for the illustrative inputs, and then switch back to the inputs for the exercise you are working on.

In contrast to the fixed Excel tutorials, the rest of the exercise solution is generated dynamically and DOES match the inputs of each exercise.

For those of you new to Excel, I encourage you to adopt the mindset that Excel spreadsheets solve TYPES of problems with input cells that can easily be varied from exercise to exercise. The time-value-of-money buttons on financial calculators are similar but otherwise calculators and written formulas solve only one exercise at a time and you have to start over for another similar exercise.

I got an "Unexpected error occurred." message when I clicked Next for a new quiz exercise. What can I do?
We haven't seen this in a long time but we leave this Q&A in case it recurs on certain hardware/software setups. A workaround when the problem is persistent has been to type the number of the next exercise desired in the box between the Previous and Next buttons and then to hit Enter on the keyboard. Or click Last and work backwards. There should be no difference but we are letting you know that the workarounds helped at least one user who had persistent trouble with the Next button between exercises 2 and 3 of the TVM Annual quiz.