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Site Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to work through the material?
Your experience will depend mostly on your current math proficiency and also on your attitude toward studying when no one is making you. But a good benchmark is to consider that in the live course we cover the material in 35 hours.

How do you decide how much of each topic to include in the course?
The coverage has been driven by the constraints of the one-week full-day live course. Based on student feedback about where they get bogged down during the first year quantitative coursework, we have tweaked the live "math camp" course content each year. We could of course include more preparation material, especially in this web-based course. But at some point we would be teaching the first year courses themselves and there are great professors who will do just that soon enough. We want to use your pre-enrollment preparation time efficiently to scrape the rust off your math skills. If you become proficient in the materials covered here, you should find it much less difficult to extend that ability to more advanced topics in each area of the first-year core curriculum.