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How the Site Works

The site is organized into 2 administrative tabs (Home and Status) and five subject tabs (Excel, Finance, Economics, Statistics, and Accounting). Four of the subject tabs (excluding Excel) have more than one lesson. Click on the subject and you will see that subject's lessons. There are 24 lessons in all.

Each lesson contains quizzes, exercises, and teaching materials.

Quizzes present you with at least one example of each exercise type for that lesson. You can view the quiz exercise solutions only after you have submitted a response to all quiz exercises. There are two quiz types: pre-quiz and post-quiz. A pre-quiz may only be submitted once. If you are not satisfied with your results to a post-quiz you may reset it, creating a new set of quiz exercises. You can access quiz exercises and results during future sessions.

Teaching materials represent the material that I present in class to introduce exercise types, show formula derivations, explain solution methods, and demonstrate Excel worksheet solutions.

Drill Exercises are variations of the quiz exercises that provide practice solving problems. Each time you click a link for a given exercise type, a new version appears with different numbers and in some cases different structure and question. Drill exercise solution results are available immediately and include detailed step-by-step solutions.

I suggest the following approach to each lesson:

1. Start each tab by taking the pre-quiz. This will serve as a baseline diagnostic for your proficiency with the topic. If you can correctly answer all the pre-quiz exercises then you are advised to move on to the next lesson. Skip the pre-quiz if you don't need the results to remind you that you have absolutely no background in that topic.

2. Review the pre-quiz solutions. This will let you begin to understand the reasons for any errors. If your understanding of the topic is minimal then proceed to the teaching materials. If your errors are due to minor mistakes and your review of the pre-quiz solutions refreshes your memory about the relevant formulas and solution approaches then you are advised to skip the teaching materials and proceed to the drill exercises.

3. Review the teaching materials.

4. Work on drill exercises. For the exercise types that give you trouble, click the corresponding drill exercise link to generate a sequence of related problems. Work on the problems and submit results. Review the detailed exercise solutions, including Excel solution tutorials for most exercises, until you are proficient. Submitted drill exercise solutions are not saved.

5. Take the post-quiz. This is similar to the pre-quiz. If, after submitting your results to a post-quiz, you are not satisfied with your proficiency, you may reset the post-quiz and work through a new set of quiz exercises. Start each post-quiz exercise from scratch without using solution templates from pre-quiz and drill exercises.