Build the pre-MBA math and spreadsheet skills you'll need
Peter Regan teaching MBA Math at Tuck


About MBA Math - Overview

MBA Math's mission is to be the most trusted source of pre-MBA math and spreadsheet skill development by students, admissions officers, and program administrators.

MBA-Focused. Based on live teaching in leading global MBA programs, MBA Math focuses exclusively on the needs of incoming MBA students.

Time Efficient. The MBA Math course covers MBA-relevant skills in finance, accounting, microeconomics, statistics, and spreadsheets. We strive to cover the right topics at the right level of detail to give students the foundation they need to start the MBA first year with confidence in their math and spreadsheet skills.

Convenient. Students can proceed incrementally through the course at their own pace over the web.

Active Problem-Solving. Going beyond "knowing about", MBA Math gets students "knowing how". MBA Math students solve problems and crank out correct answers, using conceptual overviews as needed.

Informative Transcript. The MBA Math transcript allows students to demonstrate to admissions officers and program administrators the effort and results of work with the MBA Math course. Click here to view a sample transcript.

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